Rules For The Best Home Basnessed Busi

  So you’re ready to go out and get a home based business. well first lets discuss some ways to improve your success. If you follow a few basic things you have a better chance at reaching the goals you have. So here goes.

 The first rule for the best home based business is to do  some homework. Too often we get excited because someone will tell us of a great pay out plan. We jump into every home based business out there to see what will stick. If you do you your homework you can settle down on the Golden Job with the Golden Product. A Golden Product is when people want to improve themselves or lower there costs on something they already spend money on. In otherwords there is a high demand for your product or service. For example people spend money to landscape their homes. You have a new sprinkler system that will maintain that beautiful new landscaping with a more economical watering system. It will save them money on their water bill and protect that investment of the beautiful yard. Another example is with merchants you do business with everyday or week. They know you and you know them so they trust you. You become a merchant service expert and save them money on their credit card transactions. In the first example you have a product that will save them money. In the second example you have a service that will save them money. In both cases you are helping people save. This becomes the Golden Job because it doesn’t take a whole lot of effort for either case.

The second rule for the best home based business for that new Golden Job is to market yourself. Most people will tell you that social media is the best marketing strategy. While it can be very effective, you need to do more. People on the social sites are there to socialize. They get tired of the way people will post 9 things about God and the 10th one is a pitch to get into the next best thing to make money. Try getting a web page with a capture page. This does the sorting of interested prospects for you. Your percentage of selling what you have or the service you preform goes way up because these are people that really want it.

The third rule for the best home based business is, now that you have your new Golden Job where you get to work from home, to not stop talking to everyone. You never know who will be looking for their Golden Job. Talk to the people you do business with or who you socialize with in person. My favorite is the perfect stranger. I will just try and make conversation with them and always turn it to what I am doing to make money. If they are not interested move on all they can say is no. When you talk don’t force yourself just let it flow. You want to have confidence in what you are saying. Be proud of what you are doing and that will come through to anyone you talk to.

I have used a technique when approaching a potential client while offering my service I have chosen. If it is someone I do business with and they are really big and they do not know me personnaly, I will give their place of business a compliment the first time I see the management. The second time when they remember me, because of the comliment, I will tell them I can save them money on the service I offer. I get a much better reception from them the second time.

Just remember if you help enough people with their problems you will reach your goals. That is the next step to making money in you best home based business.

If you want to learn more on the rules or what I consider the best home based business to offer someone click here


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