Choose Your Time Wisely In Network Marketing

 How do you choose your time wisely in network marketing? The answer is very simple. All you have to do is move forward everyday and do the things that build your business. Too vague, I agree. It is easy to sit and try to tell people what to do to choose your time wisely in network marketing. The simple truth is only you can answer it properly. I can give you how I choose my time wisely in network marketing and have built my team to over 150 members. But your business might be slightly different than mine. Your home life will be different than mine. So all of these things come into play.

 Lets see how I use my time. I get up in the morning, get my first cup of coffee and sit down at the computer to check my leads that have come in on my capture page. In my previous articles I have told you this is one thing that is a must to generate leads daily. After checking the leads I calling those leads. Since I am on the west coast I can call the east and not wake people up, then I work my way to the west coast and call those leads. This can vary in time depending on the how many leads you are getting. While calling the leads I am sorting the leads into doers and builders. The doers will probably sign up at least for your product or service, but the builders are hungry to learn the ways that have made you successful. After I am done with calling my leads I make call backs to people who might have been on the fence or I write campaigns in my autoresponder to e-mail them. Notice at no time do I say I play games on line or watch tv or update my Facebook page or go on Twitter. You have to choose your time wisely in your network marketing business if you want to succeed.

 After I am through with all my calling, which takes a few hours, I hit the road. I go out and look for clients as my network marketing business is in the merchant services, credit card processing field. I chose this field because of the 57 trillion dollar industry and it is regulated by Visa/Mastercard. I can help save merchants money on something they already spend money on. In doing so I make a very comfortable residual income. But your business is no different than mine. If you are selling a product you need to visit the people that will buy that product.

At the end of the day I sit down and write my next article. This is where I get a lot of leads from because I also post it on my blog and to facebook. You see if you do this first sometimes you run ot of time so choose your time wisely in network marketing and watch your business grow.

 If you want more information on how to choose your time wisely in network marketing 

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