Lucrazon Global – Scam Or Real Opportunity

 There are many network marketing opportunities that will be called a scam. I am not here to put any of them down. I am here to supply some knowledge on just one opportunity today, Lucrazon Global.

 Lucrazon Global – scam or real opportunity? Lets start with some of the basics. Lucrazon Inc is owned by Alex Pitt. He has been doing merchant services for over 20 years. He has a level one holding with Visa/ Mastercard. To achieve this you need to do over 6 million swipes per month. So he is a legitimate company in his field. Visa and Mastercard regulate anyone in this industry so closely, if there was any doubt of hanky panky Lucrazon Inc would not exist. 

  Lucrazon Global – scam or real opportunity? Since Lucrazon Global was born out of Lucrazon Inc., I have learned that it is very well a viable business. Lucrazon Global started a prelaunch campaign back in November of 2013 and has already grown to over 8,000 networkers signing up. They plan to launch all aspects of their business April 12th 2014. They will be doing e-commerce with merchant services. They claim they can have a e-commerce business with shopping cart and merchant services along with inventory houses up and running in about 4 minutes. So all you nay sayers out there that say Lucrazon is a scam think again. 

 Lucrazon Global – scam or real opportunity? The question that we have to ask is, does Lucrazon Global give you a chance to make money with their network marketing side? I would have to say yes because you can just do merchant services and make a nice residual income or you can build a team and make a nicer residual income. The network marketing side has a bianary payout system that goes from bottom to top like a real business instead of Lucrazon collecting all the money and paying you 30- 60 days later like a traditional network marketing company.

 Lucrazon Global – Scam or real opportunity? Take a look, and google the name if you want, the chairman of the board of Lucrazon Global. A man by the name of Hector Barreto. He was the head of the small business association at one time appointed by President Bush. He has contributed to the building of small businesses for a while and his credentials are impressive. 

 So is Lucrazon Global – scam or real opportunity? By this persons findings They are no doubt legitimate.

I have built a team of over 150 people and have looked at many network marketing businesses, if you want to know more information on Lucrazon Global – scam or real opportunity click here


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