What Is The Best Network Marketing Business

 What is the best network marketing business? Well that depends on what you are passionate about. If like travel then there are some travel network marketing businesses out there. I was involved at one time with World Ventures. They were a great company but my love is not traveling all the time. They also gave you a web site were you could book travel. Gave is not the right word, You paid for it. My problem at the time is I didn’t know how to market myself or the business.

 Another great business that I was involved with was Nikken. They sell magnets and vitamins and healthy water. I used them because of my back pain and I still use them today. You would be surprised at how the magnets reduce pain or take it away all together. I considered the high cost of their products worth it because it helped me. Unfortunately not everyone would try the products because of the high cost. Again I didn’t know how to market me or my business.

 Another great business was ACN. For those who don’t know what ACN is I will tell you this one excited me the most as it involved the telephone and a residual income. The problem again was me. I thought all I would have to do is tell all my friends and relatives of this great business and it would afford me a good residual income. Silly me, when I ran out of my friends and family and only got a few of them to sign up I was not happy. I did not market myself or the business properly.

 So what is the best network marketing business? It is the one you’re in. Just learn to market your product or service and your business properly. All you have to do is have a way to get fresh leads daily, have a capture page where you get the leads and then call and interview those leads into buyers of the product or service or you can bring them into the business. You can get free leads and you do not have to pay for them. I have been doing this and I get plenty of free leads. 

So what is the best network marketing business? It is the one your in. Just take the time to learn how to market yourself and your business. I have now settled in on the credit card processing field and it is working tremendously. Why? Because I have learned how to market my self and my business and have grown my network to over 150 people. 

 If you would like information on the best network marketing business that works for me 

click here


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