Mood Swings While Owning A Network Marketing Business

At one point or another we all go through mood swings while owning a network marketing business. The newer you are into your business the more you are going to go from high to low in your mood swings. Everything will be going along ok and you are excited for this new business, then it happens. You get dejected by your first family member or friend. You begin to think, oh my God what have I gotten my self into? Well relax because this is typical. You will be told by many, including family and friends, that this is a pyramid scheme or a ponzie scheme. In acuallity a pyramid scheme is illegal and it is where you pay money for something and get nothing in return. I have been told this by numerous friends and relatives, in all the businesses I have been in including my present business. I have tried several different network marketing business and when I was told the negativity, I was not successful in all the past network marketing businesses, because I would let this get to me. But the real reason I failed was I did not have a plan in place to market myself or my business.

 Lets just call these friends and family dream stealers. They consider themselves experts even though they haven’t a clue how to succeed or build a team. They may or may not have tried network marketing in the past but they base their negativity on your performance or theirs if they have failed. In my case they always saw me fail so yes to them network marketing did not work or it was some type of scheme. The mood swings while owning a network marketing business almost stopped me from trying again. This time was different I got into the merchant services field, which is easy to make a residual income, and I was taught a different method of attracting partners in my business. The number one reason why 97% of all networkers fail is because they are not taught what to do. Once that person sponsors you into the business you are left to fend for yourself. When this happens you get mood swings in your network marketing business. You don’t know how to sponsor or attract people to it so that great business you thought you would create just doesn’t happen. So when you consider a network marketing business interview the person that is trying to sponsor you. I guarantee that if it is me I am interviewing you to see if you are someone I want on my team. So you should be finding out what kind of plans I have to teach, not do, the business to you. You see you build a better team when you teach someone how to build their team so they can teach others and so on. 

 When others are successful you will be successful and your mood swings for your network marketing business will always be on the upside. Mine are since I was taught the right way. I no longer swing down low when my sponsor does’t do something I now know is up to me to do. Take pride in you business and learn. If you are already in a network marketing business and your sponsor doesn’t teach you search out someone who can. Once you learn the marketing stratagy your mood swing for your network marketing business will improve guaranteed.

If you need more information on how to control the mood swing for your network marketing business click here or if you need info on a coach click here


One thought on “Mood Swings While Owning A Network Marketing Business

  1. workitfromhome

    I agree with this! Its important to have a great team around you. And a great training network too.


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