Stress, A Real Killer Of Home Based Businesses

 Stress, a real killer of home based businesses. We are a microwave culture. We want everything pretty darn fast. We don’t take time to do the little things that can relieve stress and thus it builds. Then one day you give up because you can’t take it anymore. 

 When you get stressed out about your home based business you need to become proactive. Meaning there are some basic things you can do. Take time for yourself and go to the library or book store and get something to read that will incourage more learning. Believe it or not when we learn something new we get excited again and that will alleviate some stress.

 Stress can be many things in a home based business. It can be your team isn’t growing. it could be your not making any money after everyone in your upline says you can do it. It can be your not good enough on the phone to converse your business with prospects. It could be you are shy about talking with people in person. It could be you don’t know how to market yourself or business.

All of these things above can be easily fixed. To grow your team you can learn from someone how to get a lead generating program going. There are many out there to choose from. To get over your shyness just practice some written down scripts with someone you love and trust. The more you do it the more you will come out of that shell. You do have to take the first step in either case because it is not going to come to you. When you converse with people on the phone or in person, be a good listener. They will tell you what they think if you let them.

 Stress, a real killer of home based business can be avoided by choosing the right business. If you are not good in sales like vitamin companies go to a company that offers people a savings like your telecom or merchant services field. I chose the later because I like helping merchants save money on something they already spend money on.

A good residual income will relieve a lot of stress. You have to build a team to do so though. I have learned all the stressful  things above and have done the things it takes to build a team. I currently enjoy a team of over 150 people. I can tell you when this happens, and it is not overnight, it is taking my stress and getting rid of it.

 If you would like more information on how to relieve your stress or getting out of the stress, a real killer of home business click here

Don’t let stress kill your home business get active in learning. If you want info on my home business click here 


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