How To Chose Wisely When Looking For Network Marketing Opportunity

 I recently went to a conference that had some very dynamic speakers. They were very helpful in giving me the answers that I was looking for on how to choose wisely when looking for a network marketing opportunity.

 The first person was Hector Barreto, former administrator to the Small Business Administration under George W Bush. He is also involved heavely with The Latino Coalition. Mr, Barreto told us that small business is what is going to bring back our economy in the U.S.A. He claims that the entreprenuer is the one who will open up e-commerce and compete with big business. Think of all those people that sell products through Amazon. E- commerce will be able to make more entreprenuers than any other way of opening a small business. Hector quoted President Eisenhower to be in business you need 4 things. “Faith, Love, Intelligence, and synserity.” Hector also said to be positive with enthusiasum to succeed. He also quoted Presiden Abraham Lincoln when he said, “If I was given 6 hours to chop down a tree, I would spend four hours sharpening my blade.” Meaning be prepared when you go into a business. Do your homework.

  The next person to speak was Allen Gutierrez,TLC National Executive Director for The Latino Coalition. He said that Latinos in the U.S.A. account for over 3 million small businesses and they are the fastest growing group. The hard work and dedication that it takes to be a small business owner is exemplified by these hard working people. They simply find a way to help their family and their country. If you look around and really watch the latino worker you will understand why they are so successful as entreprenuers.

 Next up it was Carlos Gutierrez, Former secretary of commerce under President Bush 41. His knowledge of small business was exceptional. He taught us that no matter what background you come from, you can make it in the business world. He stated that you need the will to succeed, saying nothing can hold you back. You need simplicity, never confuse complexity with sophistication.True sophistication is simplicity. You need self awareness, know what you are good at and find the people who are better than you at your weaknesses.Lastly, believe in something. If you don’t believe in yourself or the opportunity you choose you will fail.

 Next was MItt Romney, former Governorof Massachusetts. He stated that we need to let government get smaller and let entreprenuers get bigger. We need to lessen the regulations that constrict small businesses. He simply means choose wisely when you vote because you have a voice and can be heard if you stick together as entreprenuers.

 Lastly was Vicente Fox former President of Mexico. He was adimant in telling us that we need to work together and we can solve a lot of the problems in our communities, countries, and around the world. We can be successful when we help others.

Now that I got all that out of the way and by no means did I cover everything they spoke about, but the message was clear Entreprenuerism works.

 How to choose a network marketing opportunity wisely will be determined on what you are interested in. Do you like selling, do you like servicing others/ What is your niche. Mine is helping merchants save money on what they already spend money on. While helping them I make a residual income, but more importantly I am an entreprenuer that cares about others.

 Ecommerce  is fast and growing and if you can get into the web building side of Entreprenuersim you can make a lot of revenue.

 If You would like some information on how to choose a network marketing opportunity or want info on how to become a entreprenuer click here


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