What Are Friends For In A Network Marketing Business

 What are friends for in a network marketing business? In the past when you joined this fantastic company, you were told go to your warm market. That still works if you have never done network marketing before. Most friends will give you a least one time to try and introduce them to the nexy “BIG” thing. But even if you are new they probably have many more friends that have approached them already with something. You will get the smile and the ” I’m not a sales person” excuse. Or they simply will tell you anything to get you off their back. I have said this many times that 97% of all networkers fail.

 It doesn’t have to be that way. First of all to be non threatening ask your friend if they know anyone that might be looking to make an extra income. this way they feel you are asking for help. That makes a difference because that lets them off the hook. However you just might catch someone that says what is it all about. Then you can give them the presentation, but since they initiated the asking you don’t come across as a bother.

 What are friends for in a network marketing business? They are always for support and maybe a customer of your products. You want to attracted people who want to learn and grow with your business. The friend, if pushed might become involved  but probably won’t do either of you any good. So keep him or her as a friend and ask them to try your products and tell you what they think. If they like the products they will tell others, that will lead to that one person who is interested in joining with you.

 I have learned to market myself and muy service. I do credit card processing and make a great residual income. But it wasn’t always like that. I burnt my bridges with many friends and family. When they see me coming they run the other way. So I decided to learn marketing. If you want to learn marketing click here.

 But whats just important to what you learn is you have to have a business that you are in love with. If you want info on a great business with residual income click here

 Sometimes you don’t want to sacrafice your family with what it takes to be suceesful in network marketing. There is an easier way to get things done. I have added over 150 people to my business and I can show you just click here for more information.

What are friends for in a network marketing business? Let them remain friends. If they see you succeeding someday they might ask you to help them.


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