Fire Your Boss To be on the road to success

 Many years ago I was approached by a friend to look at an amazing company, his words. I went to the meeting and learned all about circles and selling soap and the like. The selling on my part was easy and I would do what ever it took to get there. But I could not recruit or teach people how to do either. Then years later I ran into a stranger that asked me if I kept my opyions open about making money. The answer I gave was absolutely. He taught me how to fire my boss to be on the road for success. 

 The first step I had to do was to empty my brain of whatever I had ever learned in any network marketing business. That is if I wanted to fire my boss to be on the road to success. Most companies don’t teach the proper way to attract people to your business. They tell you go after your warm market, which can be one way but it is not the only way. The best way to fire your boss to be on a road to success is to learn how to approach strangers in person or through the web.

If you don’t have a steady supply of leads to attract both partners and or buyers of products you will not be able to fire your boss. I have built my team to over 150 people by using some simple techniques. If you woul like information on them just click here. I will be happy to discuss a plan for you.

 But it wasn’t only the building of the team. In my case I was able to build a residual income on my own with a stand alone product in my network marketing business. Am I glad I built a team? Oh you bet! But before it got big I was able to make it on the residual income. If that interests you I would be happy to tell you all about it just click here. So if you want to fire your boss to be on a road to success, the answer is you have to step forward it won’t come to you, make it happen.

Some of you might not want to sacrifice time with the family to learn but I can guarantee you that you can work at your own pace. If you want to fire your boss to be on a road to success without sacrificing time with your family click here.


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