Who Gets Credit For Your Success In Network Marketing

 Here it is, Easter Sunday afternoon. I was thinking of not writting today but I was inspired to write and tell a story.Who gets credit for your success in network marketing? I was a nobody, doing everything in life the wrong way. Jesus Christ turned my life around and he is in charge. I don’t act the same way as I did many years ago when I thought that I could do anything I wanted. Nobody was going to tell me what to do. But when I realized that Jesus died for me, to cleanse me of my sins, I had to change and it was for the better. You see now I talk with Jesus on all of my decission making.  He guides me to do what is right. Am I perfect? No, far from it but I have started doing the things that have helped me to succeed. So I give all the credit to my LORD and Savior Jesus Christ for helping me see what I had to do.

 Who gets credit for your success in network marketing? I would hope you give credit where credit is due first and foremost. But you, also, can take some credit when you listen to GOD. Since he guides us in our daily lives he knows what we need. Some of you are going to disagree with  me but it won’t change my mind. God is my mentor!

 With that said I can tell you that by GODsidence not coinsidence I found out how to succeed. You see it is really very simple. Just help others to succeed and you will succeed. I have found a way to help you and you can thank GOD and give him the glory if you try it and succeed. There is a little you will have to do but if this 62 year old man can do it so can you. If you want information on a residual based income that allows you to help merchants save money than just click here. I will be happpy to help you help merchants cut costs and succeed. Thus you will succeed.

 The article today was tough because I wrestled with putting my faith out there and thinking some of you might feel this is disengenuos. I can assure you that I truley believe that GOD plays a role in our daily life.

I can show you both business and system to build a team and I recommend that you pray and talk to GOD to see if this is the right one for you. But you do have to take the first step. Pray and if you get your answer click here and I will gladly help you. 

 Who gets credit for your success in network marketing? Stop and think and thank the one who loves you enough to that he died for you and for me. May GOD bless you and your business always. 


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