Network Marketing

     N- New leads – create a system to get fresh leads daily.

  • E- Earn while you learn find a business with a residual income that will pay while learning
  • T- Teach Others – Once you find the answers teach your people to do the same.
  • W- Work ethics –  Channel your work ethics to work only.
  • O- Other people – Help others do the same as you.
  • R- Reach out – Reach out to motivate others.
  • K- Keep going, don’t give up.
  • M- Market yourself – Market your busines, product, and service daily.
  • A- Always go forward – Continue to learn new ways to promote.
  • R- Read motivational books – Such as Rich Dad, Poor Dad.
  • K- Keep it simple – complexity can cause confusion.
  • E- Enjoy life – every now and then stop and smell the roses.
  • T- Take charge – don’t think that others will do it for you.
  • I- Invest in your time – your time is valuble, don’t waiste it!
  • N- Nothing is impossible – The brain is powerful if you think it can get done.
  • G- Get to work – follow your dreams.


  Take these simple steps and build your team. You have to follow some basic avenues to be successful. I have been in network marketing for many years , but it wasn’t until recently that I discovered the right way to do it. I was stubborn and figured I could do it myself. Consequently I was part of that 97% that failed in every network marketing business I took on. 

I have since moved on to a residual based company that allows me to earn while I continue to learn daily.If you would like information on this 57 trillion dollar industry just click here.

If you are in an industry you love and are stuck, you need help to get you going> I can help you with a system to increase your team as I have increased mine to over 150 people. Take the time to at least check it out. Be opened minded about it. You know sometimes people throw up a softball and people hit it out of the park. Others will ignore it and strike out. Which one are you? Are you going to be stubborn and watch the ball go by or are you going to hit it out of the park? Click here, fill out the information and I will send you a free report on how to market yourself.

Maybe you think you willl spend too much time away from your family if you take on this endeavor. Again I can teach how to do both job and family just click here.


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