Comfortable Or Uncomfortable In Network Marketing businesses

 Are you someone who is doing things to be comfortable or uncomfortable in network marketing? If you are doing things that make you comfortable, chances are you have’t really built your potential team yet. For instance, do you make goals? I have had people tell me that goal setting is uncomfortable. But without goals how does your brain know and try to get you to where you want to be. You wouldn’t plan a vacation and not have an agenda to at least make it somewhat orderly. Well in business you need to set those goals to allow your brain to follow a path you have seen in your minds eye. A golfer will get behind the ball and vision the shot he or she is going to take. In their minds eye they see it and the brain goes to work and passes the information down to the arms, legs, and body on what to do. You need to get focused to succeed. Set your goals!

 Is it comfortable or uncomfortable in network margeting to call someone on the phone and promote your business,product, or service. Most people will at least make one call. But when they get that no, they are uncomfortable to call anyone else because they fear rejection. Rejection is hard, we have been told all our lives by someone somewhere that we can’t do it. Do yourself a favor and DO NOT listen to them again. You are the one in control, tell yourself that if one then another then another says no that you are getting closer to that yes. It will come, believe me it is a numbers game. But you need to know how to talk to people the correct way. Be energetic, positive, friendly. and most of all respectful. Just remember GOD makes us powerful and unique. Don’t be afraid of failure. That is how we grow. I have worked in network marketing for 40 years and have never made a big splash until now. What is different you ask? I got out of my comfort zone and started doing what it takes to be successful. I market myself daily along with my residual income business. Don’t give up, it will come if you try and learn.

 Comfortable or uncomfortable in network marketing to approach people you do not know. Most people are too shy to strike up a conversation with a total stranger. I have two lines that will guarantee you will get people interested in your business. I have used these and it works. Just click here and fill out the information correctly and I will send them to you for free. It takes the edge off, when approaching prospects. Play the game to win. You never hear the professionals say they are playing to try maybe. They play to win and so should you. Arm yourself and read books, take classes, go to seminars and trainings. Always learn from peolple that have been successful not your brother-in-law who kinda sorta knows a little. If he hasn’t been there and been successful talk with other things with him.

 Lastly have an attitude of gratitude to the one who deserves the credit, GOD. He is in control and he watches out for us. He loves you so much he died for you. So why wouldn’t he help you become successful, just ask. That last statement, comfortable or uncomfortable in network marketing. Take comfort this time for GOD does love you.

 If you would like information on the residual income opportunity I am in and would like help growing your team click here.


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