Who Do you Network With

 Who do you network with? Most of us don’t even know we are networking, but every day we say and do things that are networking. It doesn’t have to be in business. It could be as simple as recommending a movie you saw or a great restuarant you ate at. 

 Networking in business is no different. We simply need to reach out to those we deal with every day. In the merchant service field I am in, I know a lot of business owners. I not only help them save on fees they are already paying, but I network with them to see if thy have friends that need my service. In turn I recommend to my friends their place of business. It is a win, win situation. You get new leads and they get new customers. So who do you network with? That is an important question when considering a network marketing business.

 However there are other ways to network even to strangers. This requires a little bit of confidence in yourself. You  Have to be strong and approach people to ask them questions. I have two that I have seen work over and over again to get strangers to open up to me. If you would like to find out my technique click here and fill out the information correctly. If any info is wrong I move on to the person who wants it.

 Who do you network with? It should be anyone you come in contact with. You will find out that as you suggest and help people they are more than willing to suggest and help you in return. Too many people that get into network marketing are timid and say they can’t approach other people very easy. Step out of your comfort zone and don’t be shy. The worst thing that can happen is the person can say no to your question. Just be polite and move on to the next. The last person I added to my team was someone I didn’t even know. I was at a store and and she walked into this store carring a folder and asked to see the owner. I looked at her and asked what it was she was doing when the employee went to get the owner. She told me marketing and since I am in a business with marketing ecommerce and merchant services I asked her for a few minutes to explain how we could help each other. She loved the concept of my business and joined my team.

  So who do you network with? The answer is simple, anybody. When you take on the network marketing business of your choice, just have someone teach you the ropes. Don’t rely on yourself unless you have been there before and know how. Usually in a network marketing business the person that signs you up doesn’t know how to do things either. So make sure you connect with someone that has built their teams well and teaches others how to do the business. 

In my business I actually tell my business partners that if they want my help they have to commit to learning the system the company and I have put in place. If they are not willing to commit I suggest they find someone who really doesn’t care if they succeed or not. I teach them how to network and I have over 150 on my team. If you want more information on who to you network with click here and I will help you learn.

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