Merchant Services For Your Business

Merchant services for your business are essential if you want to grow your business in todays economy. If you don’t offer to take credit cards you are opening the door for your customers to walk out and spend their money elsewhere. Most people don’t carry cash any more for safety reasons. So you absolutely need to provide this service for them even though it cost you. It is a cost to do business.

When I owned my Beauty supply store I got at least one person coming in my shop a week telling me they had the lowest merchant service fees out there. So it got a little tiresome hearing this week after week. I did change one time and it was so close to what I was paying with the other company it wasn’t worth changing every 30 days. Prior to owning a beauty supply store I was the one who would go into a merchant and tell them the company I worked for had the lowest rates. yes I was in that field of merchant services. I learned the tricks of the trade and now I can pass that information on to you.

There are different levels of merchant service providers. The highest being level 1. If you are not with a level 1 provider you are paying retail for your rate. How do you find out if your company is a level 1 provider? Well you can try and ask them but chances are they won’t tell you. So even if you are with a level 1 processor, that doesn’t guarantee you are getting the lowest rates. Most of the time the small business owner pays a higher rate because they do not do enough processing per month. The big guys who do the hundreds of thousands of dollars a month in processing are the ones who get the best rates. Thats usually what happens in life the more you do the more you get. But i know a processor turning this idea upside down. He is looking to level the playing field for the guy that only does five to 10 thousand dollars or even less. His philosophy is the stronger that businesses are the more they can employ more people the stronger our country gets.

Merchant services for your business can be at a wholesale rate. The problem that when I talk to businesses is they don’t believe that this will happen. Don’t be afraid to have them give you a written free proposal to show you how much you will save. Do this with anyone you are considering to go with for your processing. If they don’t supply a written proposal I would pass on them.

If you want a free written proposal for merchant services for your business I have a free report that willo give you the information to get it just click here and submit the correct info. If you submit wrong info, which people do from time to time, I can’t help you.

If you would like to help merchants save on their credit card fees and make a residual income click here.


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