Are You A Network Marketing Guru

 Have you been struggling with your network marketing business? Are you a network marketing guru? These two questions are opposite but very important to answer. Most people struggle along and make a little money in their network marketing business. They consider them selves successful because they have made back their initial investment. But being a guru means something totally different than just earning some money. Being a network marketing guru is being able to market yourself and help other peole to do the same.

 I have been in network marketing businesses before where I am handed my “kit” and told to go out there and tell all my friends and family about the product or service. The trouble with that is that your friends and family soon get tired of you coming around so they distance themselves from you. No business is worth losing a friend or family member because you want to make a buck. Because what you see as the next “big” thing just means you are trying to sell something new to them.

 How we deal with this fact can mean the difference between being a network marketing guru or just someone who makes a little money in their network marketing business. I have not always been a network marketing guru and might not be one now depending on your definition of guru. But I will tell you since I have taken the time to learn what it takes to be a guru, i have built a team of over 150 people.  I teach my people how to do the same thing to help them build their teams.

 I also would recommend that you choose wisely when looking at a network marketing businesses. You want to interview the person asking you to join them. I have a friend that is in a totally different business than what I am in and he is successful because he teaches people a simple duplicatable sytem on how to sell on ebay. I prefer to help merchants save money on their credit card fees that they already pay. I teach people how to be a hero to the merchants and make a nice residual income on their own and a great residual income when they learn as I have to become a network marketing guru. Sounds easy right, wrong there is a right way and a wrong way to do everything. So if you would like some free information on how to become a network marketing guru  click here and I will send it to you. Make sure you put the correct information or i can’t help you. 

 Just signing up for A network Marketing business will not, in most cases, make you money. Make sure to add the insurance of learning from a network marketing guru.


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