Does Network Marketing Work?

 Can network marketing work for you? The quick answer is yes but you need to know how to network. Most people that join a network marketing company have no clue what to do. They are handed their kit and told to make a list of everyone they know or do business with. The list should be a least 100 people. Then you’re told to contact these people and invite them to a meeting where an expert will show them how to make tens of thousands of dollars if they duplicate what you do.

 Here is the rub to that. if you have ever done network marketing you know that most of the people we know have been approached by yourself or other friends and family. Not everyone is cut out for network marketing and you soon find out that people will tell you anything just to get away from you. The next time you call they are busy. But you don’t take the hint and you keep bothering them until they say they are not interested in going to a meeting or they ignore you all together. Now you are depressed because the person who got you involved isn’t doing any better than you and he or she doesn’t know what do either. They tell you just keep talking to people. How is that working out for you?

 I used to be in that catagory but I decided to stop doing the same things the unsuccessful people were doing and find out what the successful people were doing. They were having people come to them and ask them to join their team. Wow does this really happen? The answer to that is yes and I know because I have built a team of over 150 people and growing.

 Do I have some kind of special powers that make me irresistable, no. I just have learned how to network market, key word market, my self and business better. You can accomplish this yourself if you are willing to stop listening to your unsuccessful upline and get educated on the proper way to succeed in network marketing. There are many coaches out there that will gladly charge you to show you the ropes and they will probably help you out tremendously. But I don’t recommend that because I can send you a free report on how to market yourself. I believe in the law of attraction, meaning there is a reason you are reading this article. In some way shape or form we can help each other. I love to show people the ropes in network marketing.

 Can network marketing work. Yes and it does daily for those that do the things to help themselves instead of doing it the company way. Do yourself a favor and throw all the teachings that a network marketing company will teach you to market their products. Because when you do it their way they are the only ones getting rich. You need to build a team for you and I can show you a great residual based income opportunity and I can teach you how to build it. If you don’t build a team, the residual income can be lucrative anyway.

 If you have any desire to learn now to do network marketing right click here and I will send you a free report on how to build your team. Make sure you fill out the information correctly or I can’t help you. I am warning you right now, not all of you will qualify to be on my team. 


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