How You Can Produce A Residual Income

How to produce residual income is the 64 million dollar question. Most people are secure making a hourly wage and then go home and rest and go back the next day and make that same hourly wage again. The problem with that is the paycheck doesn’t grow and you are working for someone else. I decided a long time ago that I wanted to work for myself and create a residual income to get paid on something I sold once.

 There are many fields where you are paid residually but i want to talk about a 57 trillion dollar a year industry wher you can make a good residual income. The field of merchant services will provide that residual for you. Merchant services or credit card processing is a huge field. merchants pay a fee to accept credit cards. We as merchant services reps can sign up a new business to accept credit cards or just change an existing business over to our processor. Every time someone uses their Visa or Mastercard we get paid. Simple, right? No to become an msp/iso you will need to give Visa and Mastercard $15,000 to have the rights to be an msp/iso, which stands for merchant service provider/ independent sales organization. Then you need about $75,000 worth of computers to be compliant with their rules. Then you need a secure building where you store these computers. Your final investment will probably be way over a million dollars. At this point you need to hire reps or go out and sign up customers to accept credit cards. 

 It is starting to look pretty bleak, so let me tell you how to produce a residual income. There are companies out there that you can go to work for such as First data or Bank of America. They hire reps and you do make a good residual income. Or you can start your own business with a company out there that will assist you in making that residual income. I personally choose the later. Being in business for myself i have learned to market myself and build a team where I get a bigger residual income.

 If you need some information on who to contact I have a free list of places that you can go to start making a good residual income. Just click here and fill out the information correctly and i will help you find the right residual income job.

 Maybe you have a residual income business now but want to build a stronger team I can send you information on that as well just click here and fill out the info properly and i will get with you.


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