Honest Network Marketers Help You Grow Your Business

Have you ever got tired of the different network marketing businesses out there? Are there any honest network marketers that will help you have success rather than just be someone they make a one time commission on? The answer to both questions is yes! How do I know? I have been actively involved in network marketing for over 40 years. I have made some money, but never a lot of money. The reason is i was too stubborn to listen to people who tried to teach me to market myself and business. I didn’t want to spend any extra cash to do any marketing. The funny thing is you don’ have to spend a dime to market yourself if you don’t want to. There are ways to market yourself for free. If you spend a little money you will grow faster. It is like advertising in the newspaper or putting out coupons. 

  Most of the companies I have been involved with are very honest and legit companies. There have been a few that have gone out of business because of their practices. However they are few and inbetween. I used to chase that illusive network marketing company that was going to change my life. Company after company I would sign up for and then drop out. I discovered that the friend that was jumping companies and joining other companies was using me just to get a commission. He wasn’t there to help me succeed. That is the dishonesty of network marketing. If you are going to become or already are in network marketing you need to settle down to one thing and do it right. If you build a team you will and so will your people make money. Unfortunately not everyone is concerned with the people they sign up into their business. Instead of teaching and working with their people they are out looking for the next network marketing big thing.

 I have learned and practice what I have preached here. Even though my sponsor, into my residual based network marketing business, hasn’t done anything to teach me how to build I have succeeded because I took the time to learn how to market myself and my business. In my business I get to help merchants save on their credit card processing fees and make a residual income doing it. I have built a team who have built a team and so on to over 150 people. That is real honest networking when you can help others achieve their goals.

 Do  you believe there are honest network marketers out there? Well there are and if you click here I will send you a report on all the network marketing companies I have been associated with that are honest, they didn’t work for me because I didn’t know how to market yet. But they are good companies.

 If you are looking for a residual based network marketing company and want help building your team click here and fill out the ifformation correctly and I will send you the info free how to acheivr success.


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