Network Marketing, Can Network Marketing BE A Pyramid Scheme?

 Network marketing can be a pyramid scheme and it can also be very legit. The definition of a pyramid scheme is to pay money for something and not get anything in return for it. That is illegal and should be avoided at all costs. When a friend, relative, or stranger asks you to view the latest hottest thing make sure you see what you are getting for what you are paying for.

 A good network marketing business is to have something a lot of people are going to need or use. For example I was in a business where we sold magnets and vitamins. Magnets took away pain, I know this because I tested them personally before I got involved with this company, and the vitamins helped me feel better. But as great as this company was i didn’t succeed because I wasn’t taught the proper way to market myself or products. I still use the magnets today by the way and they still take away my pain. But since i wasn’t taught how to market I dropped out of the company because I wasn’t making any money. I have since learned the proper way to market myself and service and now I am making a great residual income on my own. But since I learned how to market it has madse it 10 times better and growing daily.

 It wasn’t the magnet/vitamin company that was bad it was the leadership. They were taught one way, to get people involved and they didn’t know the difference that it was marketing that would grow your business. That is why it is called network marketing because there is a little bit of marketing that has to be done to keep it going. Network marketing, when done the right way becomes profitable for you and your team.

 If you are going to get into a network marketing business, it is just important who you partner up with. Everyone wants to partner with a friend or relative. That is wise only when that friend or relative can show you how to market yourself in other ways than just contacting your warm market,people you know and do business with. If they can’t teach you how to generate leads daily and do it for free, you will probably drop out of that network marketing business like i did with the magnets.

 The residual based business I am in now almost got dumped as well because the person who i thought would help me didn’t. I quickly became depressed that I was wasting more money. But then I met someone who said to quit blaming others and take the bull by the horns and learn to market yourself and service. Once I did that and stopped counting on others to help me get rich, I started to make a living at my residual based business. Now I think my business is the best one out there but it doesn’t matter if you are doing mine or yours, you have to learn to market yourself.

 If you would like some information on how to market yourself for free or would like information on a great residual based business click here. make sure you fill out the info properly or I can’t help you.

 I am not going to try and convince you that you can get rich with my business or yours but you will see an improvement in money with my information. If you would like that information for free just click here.


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