What Are The Perils Of Network Marketing

 When you consider a network marketing business be aware of the perils of network marketing. You have to be a fighter and not a quitter if you want to succeed in network marketing. Too many tomes someone will join a network marketuing business because it has been presented as the easiest thing in the world to do. However they don’t tell you it is work just like a normal 9-5 job.

 The perils of network marketing are as follows.

  • P – paying a monthly autoship and getting products you can’t sell or use fast enough
  • E – earning not enough money in return for what you are paying out.
  • R – regretting your decision to join this network marketing company.
  • I – investing way to much time for so little reward.
  • L – looking for people to join you in your warm market.
  • S – staying with a program that doesn’t teach you the proper way to succeed.

First of all the autoships in most network marketing companies do nothing but make the company rich. It is a good idea to be a product of the product you are selling but don’t get hung up on autoship. If you think the autoship is going to make you money you haev another thing coming. People will be enthusiastic at first but soon drop off when they aren’t earning enough money to support the autoship.Then you start to regret that you got involved with this company and realize that you have invested way to much time and money with such a little reward. So your upline will tell you to do the same things when you first joined and make a list of your warm market of at least 100 people. How did that work out for you last time and now you need 100 more warm market friends  or relatives. So staying with the company can still work but you don’t want to follow the upline advise if that is their advise. 

 Make sure you find someone who can teach you how to get leads daily where people will come to you and ask about your business. I am over 60 years old and it took me a long time to give up the old school of Network marking techniques and learn how to market myself and business. Speaking of the type of network marketing business you should seek out, is something that most people need or are already using or doing. For example the residual based business I am in helps merchants save maoney they currently spend money on. It is a win win for both of us, I help them put money back in theitr pocket and I get paid residually. 

 I also have built a team with the techniques I have learned. If you want to avoid the perils of network marketing click here and I will send you a report for free on how to do just that. 

 Network marketing doesn’t have to be hard or perilous, it can be very profitable if you know how to do it right. Let me send you that free report on how to network market the right way. Click here and fill out the info correctly. If you don’t fill it out correctly I can’t help you and make sure you do it now because I can only help a few at a time.


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