Attention: Network Marketing Is It A Waste Of Time?

 Network marketing- is it a waste of time? If you talk with about 97% of the network marketers they would say yes. They usually make very little money if any at all. I have been in this situation more times than I would like to admit. The key to flipping it to the other side is simple once you learn how.

 When I was younger I got into that company that sold soap and other cleaning products. I leave out the names of these companies but I’m pretty sure you know the ones I’m talking about.  It was easy to sell my $100.00 worth of products and I even signed a few people into the business. But I failed because they didn’t teach me nor did I know how to succeed. Just selling $100.00 worth of products did not make me earn enough to quit my 9-5 job like I was told would be the case. I ended up quitting this company and the next one that came along was in the long distance rates in a telephone business where I was able to help people save on their phone bills. Again this business failed because of the lack of teaching by my upline or company. I new how to ask friends and relatives how to save money and they would switch over only to have problems with this companies customer service. It was a realatively new company and they were going through growing pains they didn’t expect. Today I hear they are a great company just like the first. Then I hopped into a company all about health. We sold magnets and vitamins. Again I failed because it was the same old thing. Pay your money to get in, make a list, contact all on this list and you will become successful right? Wrong, it doesn’t work that way so I wish these companies would stop telling people that they can become free and independent with all the money they will make if they follow the plan. 

 Network marketing is it a waste of time? The answer would be yes if you follow the above examples. But take heart for those of you who have faith in this industry. There is  a way to succeed. It takes work and determination and if you are not willing to devote enough time to it then don’t get involved because you will waste your money. There are no get rich quick schemes in network marketing. 

I have started my last network marketing business and it is succeeding for me now because I have learned how to do it right. I would love to tell you about my business but the fact is the best network marketing business is the one you have passion for. If you want to succeed there are some basic things you want to do. Click here and I will send you a free report on how to take advantage of these basic things to succeed.

 Network marketing is it a wate of time? The answer really depends on how you work it. Don’t listen to all the people that are doing a network marketing business and show you snippets of what they have earned. in most cases that is just a little return on what they have invested. Depend on yourself and take time to learn this wonderful industry of network marketing and you will be successful. For more information click here.


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