Is Your Network Marketing Business – A Hobby Or A Business

 How do you treat your network marketing business? Unfortunately many network marketers treat a network marketing business like a hobby. Heres what I mean, they don’t get serious about the fundamentals of the industry. there are hundreds of network marketing companies to choose from, so we have to be smart when we choose and do the right things to grow our businesses.

 Network marketing – hobby or business can best be answered by the teams you build. If you got into network marketing to make money, and who doesn’t, you need to treat it as a business. A business has regular hours and set things to do during the day. network marketing should be no different. We shouldn’t be out there thinking that all we have to do is sign up for that best next thing and think it will grow without some effort. But you say I do give it effort. Ok do you write articles about the industry to help people out and have a capture page so people can opt in and aquire more information from you? Do you blog or put up Youtube videos that will get you out in the social media arena? Do you contact at least 10 people a day? Do you make goals and work towards them? These and many more are what it takes to become successful.

 Since 97% of all network marketers fail, I would think that 97% don’t know how to treat a network marketing business like a business. That is not their fault. I put that blame on the upline, the guy that signed them up. The guy that signs people up into a network marketing business and does no more than just tell the newbee to make a list of 100 people and contact them is going to assure failure on that newbee. The newbee will get excited but soon burn out when no after no comes from that list. The upline needs to teach the newbee how to market themselves and product or service.

 The example I have for this is my own business. I help merchants save money on their fees that are charged to them for accepting credit cards. When I get a newbee I stress that it is important to contact the people he knows and the merchants he does business with. But it doesn’t stop there. I show him the system I used to build a team of over 150 people and growing. I sit down with that person either in person or on the phone and go over step by step how to increase their chances of succeeding. Because if you teach your newbee and help him or her, they can teach their newbees and so on. That is when you become successful.

 If you would like information on how to save merchants money while earning a great residual income and would like to know how to succeed click here and I will send you a free report. The difference between a network marketing company being a hobby or a business is training from day one. 

 You can succeed but very few do it on their own. I was once stubborn and would not even think about other people telling me how to succeed. But I finally kicked my ego out the door and started to learn what to do in a network marketing business. There is no shame in letting people help you in your business, pick the right business and the right upline and you will go far. If you would like me to show you the way I succeeded than just click here now and fill out the information correctly because if you don’t I can’t help you


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