Passive Residual Income – Earn While You learn How To Make Money

I was told a long time ago that the only way to be happy was to get a 9-5 job where you knew what was coming in for your paycheck each and every month. It was for the security of knowing you got a certain amount and you could budget and pay your bills. If you worked real hard you might get a raise or a promotion. The work was the same thing day after day, month after month, year after year. Then if you lasted till you were 65, you might be able to retire and maybe even get a gold watch. After this wonderful speech I decided that it wasn’t for me. I wanted to do what I wanted when I wanted and with whom I wanted. If I failed I could only blame me, but it was the challange of building a passive residual income that got me hooked. Passive residual income is where you sell a product or service once and get paid on it over and over again, such as insurance. But I didn’t want to sell insurance so I explored a little further.

The passive residual income, earn while you learn phillosophy quickly attracted me. I could earn money and the only way it would grow was to add more residual to the pot. I wanted to find a residual based income business were I was in control. Meaning I could build a passive residual income on my own. I found just that but also discovered if I created a team of people who wanted the same thing I wanted I could increase the passive residual income dramatically.

The field I chose was in the merchant service area. I am able to help merchants save money on the fees that they pay for the privilege of accepting credit cards for payment. For myself and the merchant it is a win win situation because they save money and put it back into the business or their pocket and I make my passive residual income.

Most network marketing companies will tell you they have passive residual income built into their business model and do have it if you follow the plan they map out for you. The first thing you will need to do is get on an autoship program where you purchase the product that the network marketing company is selling. Then you try and convince your friends and family to do the same. Since 97% of all networkers fail you soon have more product than you can use so you end up giving it away. There goes your passive residual income because the people that you signed up quit because it became to expensive to belong to this network marketing company with this business model. The sad part about this is most all network marketing companies have adopted this model and the only one making money is the company at least for awhile.

The merchant service field is different because we are not selling anything that you have to autoship every month. If you would like more information on the merchant service field where you can earn while you learn a passive residual income click here and fill out the information correctly. I will be glad to send you a free report on the merchant service field.

I am building a team of passive residual income earners and if you want more info to earn your passive residual income click here for more info.


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