RESIDUAL INCOME WARNING: This Residual Income Business May Make You Quit Your Job

Have you ever considered that the word job stands for just over broke? Well I figured out a long time ago that it was better to work for myself than any one else. I did what I wanted, when I wanted, and with whom I wanted. The payoff for me was that I could make my own hours and I alone was responsible for what kind of income I would make. I found out that by finding a company I could hook up with to help merchants save money on fees that they already pay I could make a residual income. Meaning I signed them up once but got payed over and over again. I also could help people establish a e commerce store and help them with their merchant service account. This was a win, win for all of us. Merchants pay the lowest fees and I make a residual income.

After joining the merchant service field I was excited to find a way to market myself to build a team of like minded individuals that wanted to make a residual income as well. Since it was a network marketing business it made sense to build that team. The potential for customers is great and their is an endless supply of merchants that want to save money. I started out just doing this on my own because I didn’t want to count on anyone. But I soon got excited when I saw the numbers when my team grew,

You could do the same thing find that niche that you love and learn to market yourself and your business or product. The results will surprise you when the residual income starts rolling in. Then it gets bigger and bigger every month and soon you are quitting your job which again stands for just over broke.

A residual income business that may make you quit your job is easy if you know the right company. If you want some free information on residual income businesses click here and fill all the information out correctly and I will get back with you. If the info is wrong I can’t help you.

You need to consider changing your thinking on becoming successful. Every body has good intentions of making a great income. The problem with residual income is you try and do it on your own.Click here and let me show you how to make a residual income online and how to build your team. I am looking to team up with 5 individuals that want to create a great residual income. I will add more later after I train the 5 now. Don miss out click the link above and lets get together and help each other.


ATTENTION:Do You Need To Earn Extra Income?

If you need to earn extra income you probably are looking for something easy. It depends on how much extra we are talking about. If just a few dollars will help out you can sell on E-Bay. There is a company out there that will teach you to cut and paste from to Amazon to E-Bay and make small amounts of money. But be careful there are fees involved to join and when you get interested enough they hit you with a bigger price to really be successful.

If you need to earn extra income and you need larger amounts of money then you might want to do mystery shopping. I have been doing this for years and have made some very good money doing so. But you do have to pay for your own gas and that can get expensive as well. It all depends on the jobs you get and if they are close to one another.

The next way to earn extra income is what I call the best way. You can start your own business helping merchants save money on the fees they already pay for accepting credit cards. You earn a residual income because you sign up the merchant once and get paid over and over again every time someone uses a credit card in that business. Plus you can sell web sites to the same business owner and they can have unlimited pages, a shopping cart. and a merchantaccount within 4 minutes and earn a residual income on that as well.

What ever way you go you need to also learn how to market yourself and your product or service. In the first example you need to list your products on E-bay and hope people see them and tell all your friends to tell their friends how to find you. You can use social media to your advantage and post it on your page. You have a web page and you need to promote that page. Again you can use social media to help. You can also try and advertise on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. But again this option may have you spending more money than you are making. I do klnow guys doing ok with it.

The second option gives you a little flexability. Google mystery shopping and a whole slew of companies will come up where you can register for free. Be carefull though, never ever send them money to do any mystery shop. If they ask you for that they are a scam. A true mystery shop will give you guidelines and send you a check or deposit money in your PayPal account.

The last example is the best I said because you can do the business on your own or you can kick in the network marketing side of this great company. The reason I like it the best is I can achieve an extra income by helping others and by myself. I don’t have to rely on anyone. But if I learn to market myself I can build a team and make a great deal more extra income. You are in control of your earnings like any brick and mortar business.

I have worked in all three areas and would be happy to send you free information on of the ways to earn extra income, click here and fill out the information correctly or I can’t help you.

Sometimes you need to talk to someone before you make a decission on what to do. I know how to show you the best extra income opportunities because I have been doing it a long time. If you want my free advise click here and I will gladly help you.

Residual Income – These Tips Help To Get A Great Online Residual Income

Residual income can be very rewarding if you get with the right company. If you apply the following tips to get an online residual income you will have a better chance at success. I have been seeking out the golden residual income business and believe I have found it. I did a little bit of homework and I use to be in the industry I chose so I knew a little about it. So here are some tips for you.

When looking for a residual income opportunity in is imperative that you choose the right company. To find out if it is the right company look at how they are set up. See if you can make it on your own and also there is a network marketing side to the business where you can bring others into it and make an overide on them. A good example of that is insurance sales and A.L.Williams. You can actually survive on your own but when you bring others into it to do the same you get an override.

Next you want to find out if you have a website to track your customers and income. Most network marketing companies do this but to make it truely your business you will have a merchant account attached to your web so you can sign people into your business and the money goes into your account not the companies. Stay away from companies that promote autoshipments because the only one getting wealthy in those situations are the companies. In my past experience with these types of companies I got all excited only to find I wasn’t a good recruiter and I got way to much product and spent money instead of making it. I not saying they are bad products or you can’t make money, but wouldn’t you rather have something that almost everyone needs rather than a few.

Look into the merchant service field or the telecom field where you can save people money on something they already pay for each and every month. With merchant services you can help business owners pay less for the fees they pay for accepting credit cards and everytime someone pays with a credit card in that business you get a piece of the pie.

But don’t just settle for one product find a company that does more than just saving people money. Make sure there are things you can sell to make money as well. If you want to learn what companies do this click here and I will send you some free information on an online residual income opportunity.

It has taken me all my adult life to find the right company. They have a lot to offer and I have learned that not only do I want the right company but I have to know how to market myself. I finally learned the techniques and have built a team of over 150. If you would like me to discuss with you how to earn an amazing online residual income click here and fill out the info correctly or I can’t help you.

Be A Enthusiastic Network Marketing Success

How can you be enthusiastic in network marketing? It is easy with just doing the good habits it takes to keep you and your team building. However sometimes we get into a rut and that enthusiasm takes a back seat to boredom or depression. If we aren’t building or selling, our natural human self will take us down a path of failure. Don’t give up, practice the things that will get you moving forward daily.

The brain is like a parachute, it works better when it is opened. Keep your mind open and see the possibilities in everything. It doesn.t mean you have to try everything just be open to new things.If you find a new thing that will help you be enthusiastic then make it one of your good habits. They say that it takes 21 days in a row to create and make a good habit stick with us. So write down that new thing and for 21 straight days do it and it will become that good habit you want.

To be enthusiastic in network marketing for your team you have to be replaceable. What I mean is you have to teach them to do the good habits and move on. You will see the results when they teach others and so on. Nothing makes me more enthusiastic than seeing my partners growing and being enthusiastic.It is such a small task but it will make you successful if you master the art of being enthusiastic.

To be enthusiastic in network marketing you have to be positive. negitive thoughts will bring you down. negative people will do the same. So surround yourself with all the positive thoughts and people you can. If friends want to bring you down, change friends or hang out with them less. Surround yourself with people that are successful and you wil learn from them how to be successful. They will be positive and do the good habits it takes to be successful. It is no fluke they got where they are, they were enthusiastic and positive and climbed the ladder. Learn from them not someone who sits at home and complains how life is treating them. If you follow the complainer you will never get ahead.

Be enthusiastic in network marketing by writting down your goals. What is your why? one simple step to achieve your goals is to write down 10 things you want in life. Maybe it is a new car, a new house, payoff bill, or vacations with the family. What ever it is write down and stick it to your computer. As you achieve each goal cross it off. You can have more than 10 if you wish. The point being have something to work towards.

God made us powerful and unique, so use that to be enthusastic in network marketing. We are a special breed, us entreprenuers. We want to succeed for us not a big company. We can help others do the same. If you want to be enthusiastic in network marketing click here and I will send you a free report on how to get there.

To be enthusiastic in network marketing continue your reading in motivational books like “Think and grow Rich”. I am reading a book by Ben Carson called ” Think Big”. these books will help you maintain your enthusiasm.

Lastely to be enthusiastic in network marketing have an attitude of grattitude. God gives us the abillity to help others so pass it on. You will find that being thankful for everything and helping others is so rewarding. By helping others be successful you will become successful.

If you need help staying enthusiastic click here and I will send you what I do for free.

How To Earn extra Money At Home

Earn extra income at home is easy to say but not always easy to do. What is the best way to earn extra income at home? For me it was choosing to find aresidual based income opportunity that I could grow and eventually have as my main income. I found that in the merchant service field. That is I help merchants save money on the fees they spend each and every month on their credit card processing. By helping them save money I make money over and over every month.

There are more than one way to make money that can be way harder than residuak income. For instance get involved with a network marketing company where you are required to autoship a certain amount of product to you every month. The problem with that is if you don’t sell it or personally use it you get the same thing the following month and again the following month and so on. If you can’t sell it then it now cost you money to belong to this network marketing company. Most network marketing companies are set up this way so they make the money selling you the product at ” wholesale prices.”

In the merchant service field you get paid on the accounts you bring in and you don’t have to buy anything. The company that I am with has a network marketing side but you don’t have to recruit to make good money. If you want to make great money you will want to build a team and get paid off of their accounts as well.

You can also get a web page and sell products from a fullfillment house where you don’t have to inventory any merchandise they just drop ship the product to your customer when you sell something. A lot of companies are doing this but there is only one that has the lowest hosting fees and all you need such as a shopping cart and merchant account and fullfillment houses. They can get you going within 4 minutes. If you need that info or you want to find out about the merchant service field click here and fill out the information correctly. If it is not filled out correctly I can’t help you.

If you want a list of network marketing companies and want to go on autoship click here and I will give you for free a report on how they work.

If you need to earn extra income at home make sure you click the link above where it says click here. You need to earn cash not buy products. The best way I know how is in the merchant service field where the customer base is huge because every business owner wants to save money.

What Is The Best Way To create A Residual Income

The best way to create residual income is to have a product or service that most people need. Something that can be sold once but is renewed month by month, or year by year. For example did you know that business owners who accept credit cards for payment pay a fee for doing so. This industry alone could make your life comfortable. There are so many businesses that accept credit cards you could never contact them all. You would never run out of people to talk to. Especially if the company you represent has the lowest fees available to the merchant. There is just such a company that if you want their information click here and I will gladly introduce you to them.

But it is not a get rich quick scheme to have the best way to make residual income. You will have to put some time into it as well. The best part is that when you know a business owner personally because they are friends or you have been doing business with them for years, you can save them money and make a residual income. It is a win, win situation. The nice part about supplying the merchant services for the business owners you can achieve a good residual income on your own. I like the idea that the company that has the lowest fees also has a network marketing side to it. You don’t have to recruit people but you will make so much more if you do.

That brings me to the fact that most people don’t know how to do network marketing statistics prove that out because 97% of all network marketers fail. But don’t get discouraged, there are ways to succeed and you have to know how to market yourself, If you have never done that then I can send you information on how to do that. I have built a team of over 150 people and I am no rocket scientist. I have done network marketing for many companies and have never made the kind of money I wanted until now. The difference now is I know how to market myself and service. Merchant services are the best way to make a residual income but knowing how to market yourself is the key.

Don’t let people steal your dreams. Learn how to market yourself and get into the merchant service field and the best way to make residual income will be yours too. If you would like help with marketing yourself or need info on the merchant service field click here and fill out the info correctly. If it isn’t correct I can’t help you.

How To Make Residual Income Online And Quit Your Job

When most people think about quitting their job they usually want something that will replace the income they are used to. They don’t think about doing an online business. They are not secure enough to rely on something that is sketchy at best. But I have found a company that I am happy with and make a great residual income online. The merchant service field is wide open if you like helping store owners save money on fees that they pay for the privilege of accepting credit cards. But this company doesn’t stop there they sell web sites so people can sell products on the internet.

It doesn’t matter what company you choose to go into, just do some homework first. You don’t want to quit your job until you have built up that online income to at least match what you are making on your regular job. But you have to be disciplined enough to schedule some hours to work your online business or it won’t go anywhere. Give up some television time to sit and write articles or blogs or do Youtube videos to capture leads that you can call and tell about your business.

The homework you should be doing, is finding out if by choosing a company you are interested in, what kind of money can I make on my own. If you choose a network marketing company, where you can make a lot more money than just a simple online business where you sell products alone, you want to search out the person who is attracting you to that business. Most people will sign you up and that is good for them but not necessarily good for you. If that is all they do is to tell you to go and ask all your friends and family to do the same you will fail just like 97% of all network marketers. However if they can teach you how to attract leads daily they are worth their weight in gold to you. The methods that they use are usually passed on to you because when you succeed they succeed.

Another thing I looked for when I chose the company I am with is do people need the product or service I am providing? If you can answer yes then that is the first hurdle on your way and you will make residual online income and can quit your job shortly. The second hurdle is who to get involved with as I talked about above. Lastly is it a network marketing company where I can build a team and make so much more residual income.

If you are interested to make residual income online and quit your job click here and I will send you a free report on how to best accomplish that. Building a team doesn’t just happen, you have to know how to attract people to your business. If you would like some info on attracting people to your business click here and I will send it to you.